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February 18, 2012
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ERB:Wright Bros. VS Mario Bros. by supertails123 ERB:Wright Bros. VS Mario Bros. by supertails123
I sort of made a fail Oriville and Luigi.
The Lyrics and Link here:[link]
[Wright Bros.]
We’re the Wright brothers and there can’t be no other.
We don’t wanna cause trouble are you looking for your lover?
Cause your princess is in our castle now.
Yeah she’s gone
We stayed up all night playing Donkey Kong.
Before us people only used to fly in balloons.
You think we’re scared of two idiots addicted to shrooms?
You shoulda would coulda come to lose an extra life.
So just dudda dudda dudda
Back down in your pipe.

[Mario Bros]
Itsa me Mario and Luigi motha (beep)
Why don’t you’s get back in your biplane and make out with each other?
Look at these two their live must have been horrible.
Two dorky dudes
Named Wilbur and Orville
You spent all your time on one machine?
If you wanted to fly you shoulda just eaten this leaf.
You should eat something anyway
Look at you so skinny!
You might fly like a hawk
But you fight like a kitty

[Wright Bros.]
We don’t need to fight
We’re the fathers of flight
Representing North Carolina
We’ll be pressing all your buttons like we’re the controller
Conquer every level of your 2D scroller
You talk a lot of trash but let me tell you something
We’re gonna beat you so fast
It’s like we’re holding down the B button.

[Mario Bros]
We’re serving up an 8-bit fist
Made to order.
That’ll knock you off the back of your own stupid quarters.
Like POW
How you like me now?
Spit flames out our mouths like our name was Bowser.
You’ll get pummeled.
You’ll wish you never stumbled out your little wind tunnel.
We’ve been dropping ba-bombs since we started this song.
Sorry Wright Brothers this time you chose wrong.
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YoghurtYoma Sep 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
wirght brothwers totally win,,,
luiginotafraid Feb 20, 2012  Student General Artist
lol I like them both big fan of both Brothers really.
supertails123 Feb 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Really now?!
I saw this and I think it was pretty good.
Although I was cheering all the way for the Mario brothers. Because no one can beat the video game's orgin.
supertails123 Feb 19, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
For me i couldn't choose who won...
I thought the Wright Bros. had a good style kind of voice.
And the Mario Bros. was pretty good.
Ah, alright.
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